Consoliphase® Install


Consoliphase® Rotary Phase Converter

Installation Instructions

To ensure local code compliance and phase converter performance, it is always recommended that a qualified electrician install Consoliphase® Rotary Phase Converters.

  1. The phase converter must be at full RPM before any load is applied.

  2. All electrical devices must be properly grounded.  Never connect the ground to T1, T2 or T3 on the converter.

  3. Never connect computer type controls to T3.  Single phase loads and CNC controls must be supplied by T1 and T2.

  4. Single phase input should be supplied to T1 and T2 on converter (through a properly sized disconnect), then directly to the 3 phase unit.  T3 from the phase converter will supply the 3rd leg of power to the unit.

  5. It is not necessary to remove the capacitor box cover during installation of the phase converter.


Removal of the capacitor box cover for any reason voids the warranty on the phase converter.