So you have single phase power and want to run a three-phase machine. Serious problem? No!!! We at Consolidated Electric Motor Service have a simple and affordable solution, the Consoliphase® Rotary Phase Converter.

Our Consoliphase® converters are hand built by technicians at our Denver facility. We build the converters beginning with specially engineered Baldor motors, and then add components that allow our converters to start and run without the need for a starter or start capacitors. Consoliphase® converters are tested multiple times to ensure out of the box performance time after time. In most cases, your Consoliphase® converter will be built to your specifications (not pre-built, off the shelf, one size fits all).

One of the most commonly-asked questions about phase converters in: “Do they work with CNC machines?” The answer to that question is, “Yes.” Consoliphase® converters can be “balanced” so that output voltage across all 3 legs is within 10% of each other. Balancing of Consoliphase® converters will ensure flawless operation of almost any CNC machine.

Repairs or Service

Consolidated Electric Motor Service has been providing superior electric motor services in the Denver Metro area since 1948. We repair all brands of phase converters and motors up to 500 horsepower. All repairs or service of Consoliphase® converters will be performed at our Denver facility. Should the need arise, we can perform field service. (Warranty of a Consoliphase® converter does not cover field service charges.)

Built to Last

Large or small, our converters are designed and built to last. The open enclosure phase converters are intended for use in clean, dry locations where an adequate supply of air is available for cooling. Totally enclosed converters are available for use outdoors or in adverse indoor environments. We at Consolidated Electric Motor Service are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. We strive to make your work or free time as trouble free as possible.


For converter sizing and production lead time, please contact us in Denver, CO at (303) 296-9792. We will need specific information about the three-phase machine that the converter will be running. Please have total motor horsepower, largest motor horsepower and machine voltage information available when you call. Exact incoming line voltage will be required on all balanced phase converters which power CNC machines. We will need to know if any of the machines being powered by the phase converter will be required to start under a load: for example, air compressors, hydraulic pumps and water pumps.